Education and Play Inspiring Children

EPIC Society members support Kidspace’s mission to nurture the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners.

The museum delivers hands-on, play-based, informal learning.  Guests are given the opportunity to pretend, explore, build, create, climb, experiment, and discover, both inside and outdoors.  These meaningful moments build confidence and a desire to learn. Kidspace makes it a priority to ensure that all children, regardless of family income, background, or ability, are able to visit the museum through access programs, such as free and reduced cost admission and events.   

A gift to the Annual Fund provides the resources needed to support Kidspace for All, which encompasses everything the museum does on a daily basis.  Admissions, memberships, and other revenue sources cover only 75% of the museum’s operating expenses.  EPIC Society members, along with foundations and corporations, play a crucial role in closing the funding gap.  Without these contributions, the museum would not be able to fully support all of the programs.  

Please choose to become an EPIC Society member today!  Members collectively ensure that Kidspace is financially strong, which makes an EPIC difference in the lives of children from all over Southern California.

Note: EPIC Society members enjoy a complimentary 12-month Museum Membership.